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Radiofrequency RF Facial Skin Treatment       $249

Multipolar Radiofrequency RF is a real must for those who are looking for anti-aging facial treatments, both to treat wrinkles, but certainly also to prevent them. This technology uses radio frequency waves to create collagen stimulation to help make the skin look tighter and smoother. The tissues of the skin are lifted and the structural proteins of the skin have been regenerated.

What is Radiofrequency Facial Skin Tightening Treatment?

Radiofrequency Facial Skin Treatment is a non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatment that uses radio frequency energy to contract the collagen in your skin while stimulating the production of new collagen. Collagen is important for a youthful appearance because it gives your skin strength and structure. As you get older, the amount of collagen in your skin decreases, and your skin starts to sag and develop wrinkles. Radio frequency RF facial treatment has “No downtime”, and your skin continues to improve for months after the treatment.


Benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Treatment:

Multipolar Radiofrequency skin tightening has many advantages over similar anti-aging treatments. You only feel the effects of the radio frequency (RF) energy within your skin rather than on the surface. The system is gentle enough for even the most sensitive parts of your face, such as the tightening of the skin around your eyes. Because the treatment contracts existing collagen, radio frequency RF therapy provides you with immediate and long-lasting results, and there are gradual improvements as your skin produces new collagen.

Radiofrequency RF facial skin treatment includes professional double cleanse, resurfacing or milder enzyme exfoliant based on client's skin type. AnteAGE MD® Stem/Growth Factor/Cytokines medical grade Solutions/Serums, HMW Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen anti-aging masque.

During the treatment a slight sensation of warmth will be felt as comforting massage.

Package deal available after initial treatment.

Radiofrequency Facial Skin Tightening Treatment is for full face

(eyes, cheeks, laugh lines, jowls, neck) 

Treatment time 1hr 30min - 2hr

Per Request:

ADD-ON option

for 1 or 2 areas with European Spa Advanced Anti-Aging Facials

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