CranioSacral Therapy at Skin & Body Alchemy

Our Philosophy


"As Energy follows the thought...

the progress begins with a Vision."

                                                                  ~Margot Pehk, BHSP, CST 



"...is the alchemy, formula and blueprint that Margot, the founder of

Skin & Body Alchemy (the whole body wellness), incorporates into her innovative Signature "Therapeutic Skin Treatments".  


As humanity is shifting, so must shift the skin and body treatments in the spa environment. With this concept, the treatments have a "multilevel" effect, which are beneficial for the whole body, mind, spirit, and not just the skin.

​Each European Spa Facial is intended to be an 'Empowering Personal Experience' of understanding, healing and enfoldment... allowing one into the deepest state of relaxation, and assisting one's body with its own healing and rejuvenation process deep in the cellular matrix.

Skin Treatments are beneficial for all ages. Specifically designed for women who want to "Age later", and ready to commit to slow down the "process of aging", to feel and look more fabulous than ever before!" 

With Health & Beauty,

~Margot Pehk, BHSP, CST