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Dermaplaning HydroJelly Facial w/Nano Infusion

Dermaplaning Hydrojelly Facial at Skin & Body Alchemy, Vancouver WA

Dermaplaning is a powerful physical exfoliation that stimulates the production of new cells, thus smoothing away rough texture issues and restoring a vibrant complexion.


It involves passing an ultra thin medical grade sterilized scalpel across the skin to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz. It is a great alternative to a chemical peel and requires no down time. This process also stimulates cellular turnover, ensuring that your skin continues to brighten and improve over time.


Your skin will appear smooth and glowing immediately after the treatment!


Skin & Body Alchemy unique Dermaplaning skin treatment includes a complete custom facial with skin analysis, hydrating enzyme mask along with Dermaplaning, high-molecular medical grade HA serums or AnteAGE MD Stem Cell GF serums, HydroJelly Mask with Nano Infusion.

Treatment time 1hr 30min

Treatment cost:  $159 


Per Request:


"CryoFacial Toning Treatment" 15 min - $40


"Regenerative AnteAGE MDX® Exosomes" (ask for price)

Dermaplaning HydroJelly Facial with Nano Infusion at Skin & Body Alchemy, Vancouver WA
European Facial and Skin Treatment with Nano Infusion at Skin & Body Alchemy, Vancouver WA
Derma-planing at Skin & Body Alchemy, Vancouver WA

What is NANO INFUSION? Nano-Infusion treatment provides Immediate and long-term results with instant boost in hydration and luminosity with the maximum absorption of targeted serums right to the edge of the dermal layer will restore the ideal micro-environment your skin needs for optimal function and regeneration. Helps active ingredients absorb 97% better than topical application alone. Customized result by drastically increasing the absorption and efficacy of all the Skin & Body Alchemy products. Adding Nano-Infusion treatments to your skin is a great way and quite effective method of improving your skin, muscle tone and complexion. - Combat puffiness and swelling - Improve skincare product penetration - Promote cellular renewal and repair - Tone muscles - Aids in lymphatic drainage - Stimulates and exercises facial nerves and muscles - Increases circulation - Brightens Skin

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