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Monthly Specials

We are excited to introduce you to this remarkable skin care technology

The AnteAGE MD® skin care line is based on the pro-healing, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory Growth Factors harvested from the Bone Marrow Stem Cell. Our Clinical Treatments combine these products in combination with advanced modalities, the latest in non-invasive, anti-aging technology and science. Clients see a significant improvement in their complexions.

About AnteAGE MD®

AnteAGE MD® is the next-generation of growth factor skin care. AnteAGE® is the result of recent advances in Stem Cell science. AnteAGE® scientists have decoded the bio-signal lanquage of Stem Cells which maintains skin health in our youth. The correct mix of these signals, called Stem Cytokines TM, creates a natural and youthful healing response at the deepest level of your skin - no matter how old you are.

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